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Owner/Outfitter, Robert Gary has assembled a collection of the finest guides in western Montana for your trip. Paired with the best wild trout fly fishing Montana has to offer, we have the trip for you.Professional, personable, patient, and hardworking guides that know how to put clients of all experience levels on fish!​Above and beyond customer service to make your Montana fly fishing experience a very memorable and successful trip - your satisfaction and enjoyment is our top priority. Explore your next fishing adventure with us today,

Dry Fly Driven

Our base of operations is in Hamilton, MT (45 minutes south of Missoula) and we primarliy fish three rivers -the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and Clark Fork. ​ All three of these rivers converge in Missoula, offering a incredibly diverse array of fly fishing options. Many of our clients choose to fish all three rivers during their trip, as these  rivers truly provide some of the best, if not THE best dry fly fishing in the west, due to abundant Brown, Rainbow, and Cutthroat populations and prolific hatches. ​ We fish dry flies 95% of the time here in western Montana. Our guides are expert fisherman with many years of experience and know our rivers inside and out - and most importantly - where the fish are! Book your next fly fishing trip with us today!

West and East Fork

Explore the unique fly fishing experiences on the West and East Forks of the Bitterroot River with Latitudes Outfitting. Each fork offers its own distinct charm, set against the stunning backdrop of Montana's wilderness. The West Fork, with its cooler, forest-lined waters, provides a serene setting perfect for dry fly fishing, while the East Fork presents a more varied landscape, ideal for both dry flies and nymphs. Both forks boast healthy populations of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout, with the best fishing seasons spanning from late spring to early fall. Whether you're a novice or an expert, join Latitudes Outfitting for a tailored adventure on these pristine waters, where tranquility and exciting fishing opportunities await.

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Bitterroot River

Discover the unrivaled beauty and exceptional fly fishing on Montana's Bitterroot River with Latitudes Outfitting. Known for its clear waters and diverse habitats, the Bitterroot River boasts one of North America's longest dry fly fishing seasons, lasting up to seven months. Home to a rich population of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout, it offers superb dry fly fishing opportunities from March through October. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, join Latitudes Outfitting for a guided tour on the Bitterroot and experience why it's celebrated as a dry fly fisherman's paradise.

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Blackfoot River

Discover the legendary Blackfoot River in Montana, famed by "A River Runs Through It" for its stunning landscapes and exceptional trout fishing. With Latitudes Outfitting, explore the river's limestone cliffs, enormous boulders, and deep emerald pools that provide the perfect setting for fly fishing. The Blackfoot offers one of the best trout fishing experiences, especially during June, July, and August when prolific Salmonfly and Golden Stonefly hatches occur. Whether casting dry flies or stripping streamers for larger native trout, the Blackfoot River with Latitudes Outfitting promises a thrilling and picturesque fly fishing adventure.

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Clark Fork River

Embark on a fly fishing adventure on the Clark Fork River in Montana with Latitudes Outfitting. Known for its expansive flows and diverse habitats, the Clark Fork offers excellent opportunities for both novice and experienced anglers. Populated with brown and rainbow trout, the river is ideal for fishing year-round, with peak conditions from late spring to early fall. Explore everything from serene stretches to challenging rapids, perfect for a variety of fishing techniques. With expert-guided tours from Latitudes Outfitting, you'll navigate the river's complexities and enjoy a memorable fishing experience in one of Montana’s most picturesque settings. Join us to discover why the Clark Fork is a premier destination for fly fishers.

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Missouri River

Embark on a world-class fly fishing adventure on the Missouri River in Montana with Latitudes Outfitting. Renowned for its vast stretches of clear, slow-moving waters and abundant populations of rainbow and brown trout, the Missouri River offers exceptional fishing opportunities. Prime seasons in spring and fall showcase prolific hatches, ideal for dry fly fishing. Whether you're navigating its waters by drift boat or wading through select areas, our experienced guides at Latitudes Outfitting provide the insights and support needed to make your fishing experience both successful and memorable. Join us on the Missouri River for an unparalleled fishing journey in one of Montana's most iconic settings.

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Rock Creek River

Explore the rugged beauty of Rock Creek River in Montana, a premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. Known for its clear, freestone waters and scenic canyon views, Rock Creek is abundant with cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout. Latitudes Outfitting offers expert-guided fly fishing tours that make the most of Rock Creek's dynamic conditions, particularly during the prolific salmonfly hatch in June. Whether you are new to fly fishing or a seasoned angler, join us for an unforgettable experience on one of Montana’s most celebrated blue-ribbon trout streams, where the thrill of the catch and the beauty of unspoiled nature await.

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