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Hunting Experiences

Dive into unparalleled hunting experiences in Ohio and Montana with our skilled guides. Whether your passion lies in archery, rifle, or shotgun hunting, we offer diverse adventures targeting deer, antelope, elk, waterfowl, bear, and turkey. Our offerings include youth hunts for family outings and extend across both private and public lands, ensuring a memorable journey for every enthusiast.

Our commitment to excellence shines through our exceptional customer service and knowledgeable guides, dedicated to ensuring your hunt is both successful and unforgettable. Beyond Ohio and Montana, we're excited to tailor hunts in other states, broadening your horizons for adventure. Contact us to embark on your next hunting adventure, where satisfaction and thrilling experiences are guaranteed.

Private Montana Deer Hunts

Embark on an exclusive hunting journey with Latitudes Outfitting Co. in Montana's majestic Missouri River Breaks. Offering private, trophy-managed Mule and Whitetail deer hunts, we provide an unparalleled experience with opportunities to harvest once-in-a-lifetime bucks. With breathtaking landscapes, expert guides, and limited spots for a low-pressure hunt, it's the ultimate hunter's paradise. Trophy bucks await in a world-class setting. Secure your spot for 2025 and live the hunting adventure of your dreams.

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Unrivaled Elk & Deer Combo Hunts

Join us for unparalleled elk and deer hunting in Montana's vast wilderness, where 4,000 elk migrate annually, creating world-class hunting conditions. Our area, now open for general hunting, offers exceptional mule deer opportunities due to limited pressure over the past 20 years. Post-November 13, focus shifts to elusive whitetails. The hunt, adaptable for both novice and trophy seekers, includes options for wolf, bear, and lion trophies. With guided hunts enhancing draw odds for a big game combo license, embark on a memorable five-day adventure across public lands. Book your 2024 hunt today for an extraordinary experience in Montana's prime wildlife habitats.

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Waterfowl Hunts

Join Latitudes Outfitting Co. for an exceptional waterfowl hunting experience in Montana's Missouri River Breaks and Beaverhead Valley. These prime locations offer a rich mix of habitats, attracting a vast array of waterfowl species, including mallards, Canada geese, and wigeon. Benefit from professional guides and dogs, ensuring a successful hunt over diverse terrains and conditions. Our tailored three-day hunts, available from mid-November to mid-January, place you in the heart of the migration season for unparalleled hunting opportunities. Ready for a memorable outdoor adventure? Book your hunt today and immerse yourself in the world of waterfowl

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Premier Archery Only Whitetail Hunts

Explore over 6,000 acres of prime Midwest land with Latitudes Outfitting Co., where our dedication to maintaining low hunting pressure results in the annual production of mature whitetail bucks. Leveraging good genetics, a well-fed herd, and intense management practices, our experienced guides ensure a top-tier hunting experience. With many options available in Ohio, choosing the right outfitter is crucial, and Latitudes stands out as a premier choice thanks to our commitment to excellence and innovation in whitetail hunting. We offer Ohio Archery Only Whitetail Deer Hunts, including all-inclusive packages with 5 hunting days, 6 nights of lodging, and meals, or a hunt-only option. Experience why Latitudes Outfitting Co. is the go-to for hunters seeking the ultimate whitetail adventure.

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Ohio's Finest Turkey Hunts

Discover the thrill of hunting big Eastern Turkeys in the diverse terrains of Columbiana County, Ohio, with Latitude Outfitting Co. Our Ohio farm offers a hunting playground of steep ravines, rolling hills, lush pastures, abundant crop fields, and serene river bottoms, providing a rich backdrop for your 3-day or 1-day guided turkey hunt. Tailored to accommodate any physical ability and hunting preference, we primarily utilize ground blinds set up near irresistible food plots we've cultivated with rye, oats, winter wheat, and clovers, ensuring an enticing habitat for turkeys. Our meticulous scouting and use of trail cameras aid in patterning the turkeys, enhancing the quality of your hunt. Choose our Ohio Archery Turkey Hunts for a professional guided experience, complete with lunch provided. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Ohio's turkey country.

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Spring Bear Hunts

Experience the thrill of spring bear hunting against the stunning backdrop of the Bitterroot mountains. Our selective hunts offer daily encounters with big bears in secluded habitats, emphasizing quality over quantity. With a season from April 15 to June 15, you'll hunt various bear color phases, focusing on the more sought-after black and chocolate. Our spot and stalk approach caters to all hunting styles, ensuring a personalized and exhilarating hunt. Enjoy comfortable lodging, gourmet meals, and a high success rate with only 1-2 clients per week. This five-day adventure is not just a hunt; it's a chance to immerse yourself in the wilderness at its prime. Secure your spot for an unforgettable mountain hunting experience.

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Private Lands Antelope Hunts

Experience the thrill of Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Hunts with Latitudes Outfitting Co. on private lands famed for trophy wildlife near Fort Benton. Whether you prefer the precision of rifle shooting or the excitement of archery, our fair chase hunts offer nonstop action, with a 90% success rate amid herds abundant with mature bucks. Choose from spot and stalk or ground blind tactics on our 3-day guided expeditions, available for both solo and duo hunters. With favorable draw rates and hunts accessible by vehicle and ATV, your adventure awaits from mid-August for archers and mid-October for rifle hunters. Book your 2024 hunt now and embark on a memorable pursuit of the swift antelope.

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Public Lands Hunt - Muzzleloader Elk

Experience the ultimate late-season trophy elk hunt with a muzzleloader, a unique opportunity recommended by Robert Gary, our owner. This 10-day, 1x1 guided hunt in mid-December targets 300”+ bulls, offering an unmatched chance for a trophy without long waits for tags. Amidst fresh snow and quiet woods, hunters must be skilled with a muzzleloader at 100-150 yards. Wolves can also be hunted without additional fees. Prepare for a remarkable adventure across public lands, enhanced by personal guidance and access via pickups and ATVs. Gear up for a memorable hunt designed for serious trophy seekers.

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Exceptional Turkey Hunts

Dive into the heart of Western Montana for an unrivaled spring Merriam Turkey hunt, boasting the densest turkey population in the state. Our properties in the Bitterroot Valley offer optimal habitats, ensuring a 100% shot opportunity on mature Toms with beard lengths up to 11 inches. Choose from blind and spot-and-stalk hunting methods with decoys, complemented by included lunch and game handling. For those pressed for time, our Cast & Blast option merges the thrill of turkey hunting with the relaxation of fly fishing, making the most of your vacation days. Offering both single and three-day hunts, as well as Cast & Blast experiences, we provide everything but your camo and shotgun. Book now for the spring or fall season of 2024 and experience the best of Montana's outdoors.

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