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At Latitudes Outfitting Co., our five decades of travel expertise have not just shaped us; they've positioned us at the forefront of global outdoor adventures. We've cultivated partnerships with an exclusive network of the finest associates, outfitters, guides, and lodges worldwide. Our mission? To offer you unparalleled fishing destinations that are nothing short of world-class.Our commitment to your adventure begins with personalized service that's as boundless as the destinations we recommend. We bring unmatched destination knowledge, fueled by a passion not just to explore but to share these experiences with you.

Our team believes in the power of listening—truly understanding your needs, preferences, and dreams. This allows us to craft an adventure that's as unique as you are, ensuring every aspect of your trip exceeds expectations, from budget considerations to accommodation styles, all based on honest, unbiased advice.Choosing Latitudes Outfitting Co. means opting for an experience that's meticulously planned and passionately delivered.

Our consulting services come at no extra cost, yet they offer invaluable benefits. Not only can we save you a significant amount of time, but our insider access and industry clout often allow us to secure better prices than what you'll find online—or anywhere else. Plus, with us, you gain access to experiences and perks unattainable through direct booking.In every interaction, every plan, and every trip we organize, our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of your adventure. Because at Latitudes Outfitting Co., we care about your experience as much as you do—perhaps even more. Join us, and let's embark on a journey that redefines the essence of travel, tailored perfectly to your vision of the ideal adventure.

Destinations Around The World

Alberta's Fall Flight
Experience the thrill of hunting amidst Alberta's abundant Greenheads and Giant Canada Geese. Surrounded by a picturesque landscape and a symphony of calls, you're in for unmatched waterfowl action, thanks to our region's rich habitats and generous bag limits. Partnering with Andrew Dath and ABFF, our decades of outfitting experience promise a world-class outing. For an adventure that combines passion, professionalism, and unparalleled opportunities in Alberta's top waterfowl zones, reach out to us directly.

Bahia Honda Sporting Club
Explore the unmatched allure of the Florida Keys at Bahia Honda Sporting Club, the premier destination for discerning anglers. Established by a seasoned guide with a rich history in the Andros, Bahamas, our club offers a refined escape from the bustling boat traffic of more populous fishing spots. Nestled in the serene Lower Keys, our lodge boasts luxurious accommodations and highly customizable experiences, ensuring each guest enjoys privacy, flexibility, and camaraderie. Our expert guides, known for their patience and skill, provide an intimate knowledge of local waters, whether you're pursuing the elusive tarpon or the renowned bonefish and permit, celebrated for their size and abundance here more than anywhere else in the world. With the unique advantage of an all-inclusive setup—the only one of its kind in the Keys—guests delight in flexible dining and fishing schedules, all while indulging in gourmet meals prepared by our dedicated chef. Choose Bahia Honda Sporting Club for an unparalleled fishing adventure where the exceptional is always standard.

El Pescador
Discover the allure of El Pescador, a premier fly fishing lodge nestled on the pristine shores of Ambergris Caye, Belize. Ideal for anglers and adventure-seekers, this family-operated resort offers exclusive access to world-class fly fishing, vibrant coral reefs, and lush eco-adventures. Stay in luxurious villas or the charming main lodge and experience the natural beauty and rich marine life of Belize at El Pescador.

George Halliday Safaris
Embark on an authentic African hunting adventure with George Halliday Safaris. Operating across Southern Africa's vast landscapes, the company specializes in both plains and dangerous game hunts, offering ethical and fair chase experiences in natural, free-range environments. Choose from a variety of accommodations ranging from luxurious lodges to rustic bush camps, tailored to your safari needs. Committed to conservation and high-quality trophy hunts, George Halliday Safaris guarantees a professional and memorable experience in the wilderness of Africa.

Casa Blanca
Casa Blanca and sister lodge Playa Blanca are the Caribbean`s premier fly-fishing lodges. Located on the private island of Punta Pájaros, Casa and Playa Blanca feature the closest access of any area lodge to the famed flats of both Ascension and Espiritu Santo Bays In Mexico’s southern Yucatan.

The unparalleled location, coupled with veteran guides, top-notch accommodations, acclaimed cuisine, and warm hospitality are the hallmarks of the Casa and Playa Blanca experience.

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