Exceptional Turkey Hunts

Dive into the heart of Western Montana for an unrivaled spring Merriam Turkey hunt, boasting the densest turkey population in the state. Our properties in the Bitterroot Valley offer optimal habitats, ensuring a 100% shot opportunity on mature Toms with beard lengths up to 11 inches. Choose from blind and spot-and-stalk hunting methods with decoys, complemented by included lunch and game handling. For those pressed for time, our Cast & Blast option merges the thrill of turkey hunting with the relaxation of fly fishing, making the most of your vacation days. Offering both single and three-day hunts, as well as Cast & Blast experiences, we provide everything but your camo and shotgun. Book now for the spring or fall season of 2024 and experience the best of Montana's outdoors.

For the turkey hunter out there we offer an excellent spring Merriam Turkey hunt in Western Montana. Our properties feature the most absolutely perfect turkey habitat in all of Montana, which has led to our region holding the densest population of turkeys in the state.

We hunt only mature birds and since we maintain such a healthy turkey population here in the Bitterroot Valley, we have been running 100% shot opportunity on Tom's. The size of turkey we usually harvest is a mature tom ranging anywhere from a 6 inch beard up to 11 inches, with even dragging on the ground.

Our hunts take place out of blinds and spot and stalk, with decoys. Hunts include lunch and game handling. Hunters will need camo attire, including gloves, hat, and facemark. We highly recommend shot size turkey loads in 4's or 6's, with full to super full turkey chokes for these birds.


For most of us there simply aren't enough vacation days in the till to cover both an annual hunting and fishing trip, but don't let that discourage you. With a little pre-planning, we can create a combo trip that allows you to pack both your reel and your shotgun.

We've found that fishing typically enhances a hunt and vice versa, and there's even a bit of built-in insurance. If the weather is ruining your hunt you may be able to find success on the water. Cast and blast trips are a great way to spend those vacations days.

We will help you tag out on a Tom. Afterwards, you're just a short drive from some of the best spring dry fly water in the state.

Montana Guided Turkey Hunting - Latitudes

Shotgun and/or Archery Turkey Hunts

Three day turkey hunt - $2025.00 per person ($675/day) | Single day turkey hunt - $725.00 per person, per day

Cast & Blast - $895.00 per person, per day (spend half of your day hunting turkey and the other half fishing)


  • A single day or 3-day turkey hunt in the Bitterroot Valley with a professional guide.
  • Lunch and/or snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transportation to/from lodging accommodations to the hunt location.

NOT INCLUDED: Lodging, meals with the exception of lunch on hunt days, transportation to/from lodging location on arrival/departure day, Montana hunting license, shotgun and/or bow, bird processing and/or legal transportation of game birds, personal items/gear, and guide gratuity.

Clients will be provided a gear/packing list upon booking.

Bitterroot River Turkey Hunts - Latitudes

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