Waterfowl Hunts

Join Latitudes Outfitting Co. for an exceptional waterfowl hunting experience in Montana's Missouri River Breaks and Beaverhead Valley. These prime locations offer a rich mix of habitats, attracting a vast array of waterfowl species, including mallards, Canada geese, and wigeon. Benefit from professional guides and dogs, ensuring a successful hunt over diverse terrains and conditions. Our tailored three-day hunts, available from mid-November to mid-January, place you in the heart of the migration season for unparalleled hunting opportunities. Ready for a memorable outdoor adventure? Book your hunt today and immerse yourself in the world of waterfowl

Latitudes Outfitting Co. offers waterfowl hunting in the Missouri River Breaks Region, near Fort Benton, MT. and in the Beaverhead Valley near Dillon, MT.

​Missouri River Breaks Region - Fort Benton, MT:

Our operating grounds for waterfowl hunts provide a mix of breaks and agriculture with miles of the Missouri River flowing through it. This enables to hunt both water and dry ground depending on what the birds are doing. The Missouri River is a major migration corridor for waterfowl.​

One of the things that makes the Missouri such great bird hunting is that it is the last body of water to freeze, meaning that all of the birds get pushed to the river when the smaller bodies of water start to freeze up. Resulting in holding a staggering amount of waterfowl when the migration is timed right.

The species of most abundance are mallards, wigeon, and Canada geese with opportunity on other species such as gadwall, pintail, and teal depending on the migration. ​​

Beaverhead Valley - Dillon, MT:

The Beaverhead Valley region is nestled between Southwest Montana mountain ranges is full of warm water springs and agricultural fields, providing a huge attraction for migrating Mallards and Canada Geese.

We primarily target Mallards and Canada Geese. In addition to the "local" birds that nest and start their migration in this region of Montana, we are situated directly below the Canadian Providence of Alberta, which is one of the highest producing areas of waterfowl in North America . Our peak time frame to hunt in Southwest Montana is Late November to mid-January. Once standing water starts to freeze, the birds are forced to migrate down from Canada and congregate on the Beaverhead river and the surrounding spring creeks, and subsequently feed in the grain fields.

Montana Waterfowl Hunts - Latitudes

Three Day Waterfowl Hunt in Fort Benton, MT or Dillon, MT

$1850.00 (per person)


  • 3 day waterfowl hunt with a professional guide and dog in either Fort Benton, MT or Dillon, MT (based on availability).
  • Equipment such as blind and decoy spreads.
  • Transportation to/from lodging accommodations to the hunt location.
  • Close range (10-30 yds) shooting for ducks and geese over large decoy spreads in comfortable blinds.
  • Expert Calling from Professional Guides.

NOT INCLUDED: Lodging, meals, transportation to/from lodging location on arrival/departure day, Montana hunting license, migratory state and federal bird stamps, shot gun shells, bird processing and/or legal transportation of game birds, personal items/gear, and guide gratuity.

Clients will be provided a gear/packing list upon booking.

Montana Guided Waterfowl Hunt Latitudes
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