Big Game Hunting in Montana

Explore Montana's big game hunting paradise.

Montana, the fourth-biggest state in the U.S., is a paradise for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a variety of huntable species, plenty of public land, generous hunting seasons, and chances for both residents and non-residents. Montana big game hunting means exploring a remarkable range of habitats and landscapes that offer plentiful and excellent hunting opportunities. Often, you can hunt different species simultaneously.

Things You Need to Know

In Montana, you can hunt various species, such as black bears, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn antelope, Rocky Mountain elk, Shiras moose, mountain goats, mountain lions, and bison. Additionally, Montana oversees its wildlife, providing exceptional trophies from nearly all big game species annually.

Hunting in Montana can occur on public or private property, but obtaining permission is necessary before hunting on private land owned by someone else. Every outfitter and guide must obtain a license mandated by the Department of Labor and Industry.

A hunting license is necessary for Montana big game hunting, and you may need a permit for a particular area or type of animal. You must also acquire a Conservation License. Talk to your guide and ensure they have the required permits and tags or know where you can buy them. 

Many hunting options in Montana can only be accessed by participating in a draw system, so preparation is necessary. Sometimes, licenses are available directly, or outfitters may offer tags for non-resident hunters. You must also tag big game animals with their appropriate marks before moving them from the kill site or leaving it yourself.

All hunters and guides in Montana must wear orange clothing above the waist, covering at least 400 square inches. The rule doesn't affect archery hunters in archery-only seasons, but it does affect bowhunters in general big-game firearm seasons.

Before you begin your Montana big game hunting, understand the hunting regulations, even if you use an outfitter. Be aware of potential complications such as varying season dates and hunt area boundaries since regulations can differ based on species and regions. You can research specific rules for your hunting needs or read this guide to discover more details about Montana big game hunting.

When Does Hunting Season Start In Montana?

Before going on your Montana big game hunting trip, it’s best to verify the most recent season schedules. Every year brings changes that might affect your ability to pursue big game animals. 

Typically, hunting seasons in Montana begin in September and can extend until November. They usually start with archery hunting and transition to other methods as autumn progresses.

Big Game Hunting in Montana

In Montana, big game animals attract numerous people. Imagine yourself in the refreshing autumn air, observing deer through the trees during the middle of October when deer season begins. 

You'll require tags, so apply for deer and elk hunting permits by early April. Because moose and bighorn sheep are rare, you also need permits. 

As you might already know, big game hunting requires a combination of skill and adherence to regulations as you pursue these majestic creatures through rough landscapes under the vast blue skies of Big Sky country. 

It's best to review local regulations first, as they safeguard wildlife and hunters' rights in this revered activity amid nature's beauty.

Essential Tips for Beginners

Prioritize Safety

As with many sports, it's crucial to be cautious and responsible. Staying safe is essential, as big game hunting is one of the few sports with the highest risk of serious accidents. 

Hunting may be extremely risky due to the use of guns, bows, knives, and other weapons and other associated risks, including aggressive animals and predators, uneven and treacherous terrain, and unpredictable weather. 

So, it's best to obtain your hunter safety card. Before venturing into the mountains, you should also ensure you can handle your firearm well and know the dangers associated with hunting. 

Get Good at Scouting

If you want a successful Montana big-game hunting trip, you must get good at stalking and scouting. You'll have greater success compared to those lacking these abilities. 

Becoming skilled in this requires time and commitment, but it will provide you with valuable knowledge about the animals you intend to hunt. You will discover information on hunting with the wind, ideal positioning, proper gear, and other aspects.

Get Fit

Getting fit before your Montana big game hunting is one of the most beneficial preparations you can do. Beginners sometimes underestimate the level of fitness and agility required for success. 

But the reality is that hunting involves a lot of lifting heavy objects and a substantial amount of hiking across steep landscapes. If you plan to hunt next season, it's best to start getting fit now!


Naturally, not many begin their journey as excellent hunters. So, it's always best to set aside time for practice, mainly focusing on honing your shooting skills. 

Consider purchasing a range pass and setting aside a few hours weekly for the sport. When the moment of truth arrives, you'll see a significant boost in your confidence, observational skills, and focus.

Choose the Right Gear

While observing and honing your skills for Montana big game hunting, you need to get the best equipment and gear for your game. The quality of a hunter ultimately depends on the quality of their equipment. 

Before venturing into the hills, it's best to ensure your attire, including your footwear, suits the landscape and weather conditions. Additionally, your gear, such as binoculars and rangefinders, should meet the necessary standards. All other essential items should also be in good condition.

Ethical Hunting

Ethical practices are crucial in Montana big game hunting. You must observe proper regard for the region and the animals living here. It involves avoiding unethical methods such as drones or night vision gear, as these instruments are inappropriate in genuine sportsmanship.

It's also best to avoid baiting animals, as it goes against the principles of fair chase. Instead, you need to focus on maintaining predator species. It helps effectively control elk populations and supports a thriving ecosystem with minimal human interference. 

Think carefully before you use trapping. It lacks integrity and the fundamental qualities that have made hunting a long-standing tradition rooted in morals. Hunters must prioritize scientific management methods over politics, which can overshadow decision-making in the great outdoors. 

Montana big game hunting involves more than just capturing animals. It involves responsibly living harmoniously with our environment so future generations can enjoy flourishing wildlife without being damaged by quick money-making schemes or convenience.

Stop using messy strategies! Let solid scientific principles lead you while practicing stewardship, which embodies the true essence of Montana hunting.

Elk & Deer Hunting In Montana

Elk and deer hunting in Montana's extensive wilderness is an exceptional experience. Here, 4,000 elk migrate each year, providing superb hunting opportunities. 

The hunt in Latitude Outfitting Co. offers choices for wolf, bear, and lion trophies, suitable for beginners and experienced hunters alike. You can join guided hunts to improve your chances of obtaining a big game combo license and experience a memorable five-day journey through public lands.

Spring Bear Hunting

Do you want to enjoy the excitement of hunting bears in the spring with the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains in the background? Latitude Outfitting Co.'s exclusive hunting trips provide daily opportunities to see large bears in remote environments, prioritizing excellence over volume. 

Hunting different bears, mainly the highly desired black and brown, is the primary focus during the hunting season, which runs from April 15 to June 15. The spot and stalk method accommodates various hunting preferences, guaranteeing a unique and thrilling hunt experience. 

You'll enjoy the cozy accommodations, delicious meals, and excellent hunting results. This five-day expedition isn't only about searching for animals; it's an opportunity to experience the untouched natural environment fully.

Antelope Hunting

You'll enjoy the excitement of hunting Trophy Pronghorn Antelope with Latitudes Outfitting Co. on exclusive private grounds known for their trophy wildlife close to Fort Benton. Whether you prefer the accuracy of rifle shooting or the thrill of archery, our fair chase hunts provide continuous excitement, boasting a 90% success rate among herds filled with mature bucks. 

During our three-day guided hunts open to individual or two-person hunters, you can select spot and stalk or ground blind strategies. With reasonable draw rates and hunts accessible by vehicle and ATV, your adventure begins in mid-August for archers and mid-October for rifle hunters. Secure your 2024 hunting trip today and set off on an unforgettable chase after the fast antelope.

Elk Hunting

Ready to take on the ultimate late-season trophy elk hunt with a muzzleloader? It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity endorsed by Latitude Outfitting Co.'s owner, Robert Gary. 

In the peaceful woods covered in new snow, hunters need to be proficient with a muzzleloader within a range of 100-150 yards. And there are no extra charges for hunting wolves! 

Get ready for an incredible journey through government-owned lands, made even better with individualized instruction and transportation provided by trucks and ATVs. You'll love this unforgettable hunting experience tailor-made for dedicated trophy hunters.

Enjoy Exclusive Hunting With Latitudes Outfitting Co.

Do you want to experience a unique hunting expedition? Latitudes Outfitting Co. offers exceptional Montana big game hunting in the stunning Missouri River Breaks! 

We provide exclusive Mule and Whitetail deer hunts carefully managed for trophy quality, offering a unique experience with chances to harvest elusive bucks. With stunning scenery, knowledgeable guides, and limited spaces for a stress-free hunting experience, it is the perfect paradise for hunters!

Explore exceptional hunting adventures in Ohio and Montana led by our expert guides! Whether you’re passionate about archery, rifle, or shotgun hunting, we provide various opportunities to pursue deer, antelope, elk, waterfowl, bear, and turkey. We also provide youth hunts for family adventures on private and public lands, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all participants.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and knowledgeable guides who are committed to making your hunting experience successful and memorable. In addition to Ohio and Montana, we are thrilled to customize hunting experiences in different states, expanding your opportunities for exciting adventures. Contact us to start your upcoming hunting expedition, where we promise satisfaction and exciting adventures! 

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